Etching-technology Products Description

1.Products for surface treatment etching process display, no stock.
2.Support to drawings or samples processing, all kinds of metal customization.

Etching is an intaglio printmaking process in which lines or areas are incised using acid into a metal plate in order to hold the ink. In etching, the plate can be made of iron, copper, or zinc. To prepare the plate for etching, it is first polished to remove all scratches and imperfections from the surface.
The etching process is known as biting.The waxy resist prevents the acid from biting the parts of the plate which have been covered. The longer the plate remains in the acid the deeper the “bites” become.
Etching is a printmaking technique capable of producing atmospheric tonal prints. The technique can be used on its own or combined with many others – there are endless creative possibilities.